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Robert Dudley Layton (1860-1937) was born in Greene County to VA natives John Layton (1819-1891) and Mary Ellen Almond (1826-1908). John Layton was in the sawmill business in Taney County by the coming of the Civil War. His sawmill was about 12…

Elizabeth Mitchell Foster (1802, VA-1900) grew up in her native VA and married R. D. Foster in 1820. They remained in Spottsylvania County, VA through the Civil War, where the male members of the Foster family fought on the Confederates side in that…
William Roberts was a major land owner in the Sparta area following the Civil War, and he was deeply involved in the early success of the village of Sparta. He had grown up on Swan Creek near future Keltner and the Old Boston area. He was a founder…
Joseph Abbott and Rebecca Adams wed in 1837 and they lived in the Linden area.
One of the first important business figures at Sparta, he had also been a merchant in Ozark and then Linden.
Born near Linden in 1862c C B Elkins went to St. Louis University for his education and then returned to the Linden---Sparta area to practice his first medicine. He would later move to Ozark and then Springfield to practice.
The old writing on this tintype of a store in Sparta declares this to be the first Sparta store which would mean the store operated and built by the founder of Sparta---James J. Bruton
James Adams (1861-1929) and wife Mattie Crain (1868-1965) in 1888. Mr Adams was from Linden while Mattie lived at Ozark and then Sparta. Mr Adams would own Ozark Abstract Company.
William Abbott (1843-1922) and wife Mary Jane Monger (1849-1944) were wed in Christian County in 1867.

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