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A one-time postmaster at Eaudevie, east of Spokane William C. Pryer is seen with his wife Sarah Logback. He served from 1891-1894.
William Briggs (1852, OH-1924) was a brother in law of John McMichael. William's wife was Victoria Rhodes (1854, MO-1926). The couple lived in KS before coming to Reno Hollow where Mr Briggs was in the saw milling business with McMichael.
Spokane was founded in the 1890's. By then the Springfield to Harrison Road had been used for around 50 years! And Spokane was founded along that well hardened path. This photo was likely taken near Spokane.
The Rev. Jenkins baptizes candidates in Bull Creek near the mouth of Goodnight Hollow, for the Pleasant Shade Church. 1898.

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These 3 men were killed on the Christian County side of the Christian and Taney County border by Bud Meadows with the help of Frank Tabor. The three are: Jim Bilyeu, Peter Bilyeu, and Steve Bilyeu (the father of the other 2). 1898. The issue was a…
Isaiah Stewart was born in Bradley County, TN in 1844 and died in 1921. His dad was James Stewart and his mother was Martha Willhite. His wife shown with him was Minerva Gideon (1848-1918) who was born in then Taney County to Green Gideon and Mary…
What did a Bald Knobber look like? The man on the right with the long stemmed pipe was a proud Bald Knobber. He is Jim Stewart from Bear Creek near Reno. His father was Isaiah Stewart while his mother was Minerva Gideon. It was Minerva's sister…
In the pre 1960 era it was very common for a rural school building to also be used as a church meeting place. Such is the case with Pleasant Shade School which was "above" Walnut Shade on Bull Creek. This is a church meeting group as seen in 1898.…

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Pleasant Shade School was located above Walnut Shade very near Bull Creek. In this 1898 photograph a church group is standing in front of the school. In those days it was very common for a school house to also be used as a church meeting place.

His name may be spelled Wiett or Wyatt or Wyett. He is a son of John Witten Bilyeu and Sarah Harp. Wyatt was born in TN around 1835. By 1870 he and his wife Mary J Bilyeu and children were living next door to his parents on Logan Ridge, well…


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