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In 1896 May Kennedy portrays a gypsy maid in a play at Galena, Mo High School. She was 16 years of age. While in high school she met her future husband Charles McCord.

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An 1885 photo of very young May Kennedy of Carthage who would soon move with her parents to Galena, Missouri where she would grow up. She was born in 1880. Her father was Thomas Kennedy whose roots were Scottish. May's mother was Della Fike of…
A typed song found among the possessions of Ozarks folklore expert, May Kennedy McCord. It must be considered a "folk" poem or song because we do not know who wrote it? The hanging of 3 Baldknobber at Ozark, Missouri took place on May 10, 1889,…
Wesley McCullah(b 1821) was the son of Alexander McCullah (1793-1856) and Lucy Robertson of TN. All came to the Ozarks of what is now Stone County in 1849. Lucy died shortly after her arrival, so that Alexander settled his purchased property in the…
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