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In the pre 1960 era it was very common for a rural school building to also be used as a church meeting place. Such is the case with Pleasant Shade School which was "above" Walnut Shade on Bull Creek. This is a church meeting group as seen in 1898.…

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Pleasant Shade School was located above Walnut Shade very near Bull Creek. In this 1898 photograph a church group is standing in front of the school. In those days it was very common for a school house to also be used as a church meeting place.

Taken in the late 1880's or early '90's this large gathering of parents and students at Prospect School, southeast of Ozark, near the Alma Mines must have been 1 of the major functions for the entire year.
This is the Ozark School of 1888 with around 35 students and 1 or 2 teachers. You may be able to read the students name---by number on the old photo itself.

Jim Nokes and Charlie West (right) in 1896. Jim was the son of Newton Nokes who raised his family on Elk Valley upstream from Riverdale. Jim was an early merchant and civic figure at Nixa in the late 1890's and early 1900's. For example he was a…
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