Wesley McCullah(b 1821) was the son of Alexander McCullah (1793-1856) and Lucy Robertson of TN. All came to the Ozarks of what is now Stone County in 1849. Lucy died shortly after her arrival, so that Alexander settled his purchased property in the Ozarks with no spouse. His original settlement was just west of what later became known as Brown's Spring. At this site the elder McCullah established a settlement which included a church known as McCullah Chapel. A post office was also founded here and carried the name "Curran, Missouri." Wesley (pictured here) bought his own property south of his fathers at what later became known as the McCord Ranch. The McCullahs used their political influence to see that the Butterfield Stage Line came through their property. Shortly after the beginning of the Civil War the Curran Post Office was moved to Wesley's land from his father's land. Wesley McCullah supported the Union cause.


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