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LINDSAY MCCONNELL AND FELLOW WORKERS PLOWING ON THE MCCONNELL FARM NORTHWEST OF NIXA AROUND 1900. From left: Will Stephenson; Cornelius Maynard; Lindsay (Lenza) McConnell; Lewis Maynard

Mr. Merritt was born in 1816. He came to the Delaware Town area when he was about 34 years old. His wife was the former Nancy Ragsdale (1814-1883). This couple and their 6 children all came from TN. It would seem likely that Nathaniel would have…

Scott Joplin is known as the father of ragtime music. He was a Texas native who in fact did play the piano in Joplin, Missouri in the 1890s at a Joplin saloon called the House of Lords. It was in this venue that Joplin native Percy Wenrich got to…

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John Peg Leg Nelson is seen at his flour mill on James River southwest of Springfield and northwest of Nixa in the 1900 era. He is in the middle, showing his peg leg that gave him his nickname. He bought the working mill from the Griffin family…

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William McElhaney and his wife Elizabeth came to the Ozarks from TN. Both were born in the 1830s. They settled south of Billings and many of their descendants would become a part of the Clever community.


Phoebe Goff Lee is pictured sitting on the porch of her cabin which was located near the James River west of Ponce. She was born in 1831 and died in 1916. Her husband was Thomas Lee(1829-1862). The Lees were close neighbors of the Calvin Cloud…

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Percy Wenrich was a Joplin, Mo native who was born in 1880. He grew up with the booming mining town. Joplin's musical trends were varied and Wenrich was influenced by many diverse winds. But he was strongly influenced by regional celebrity Texan …

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